Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Charms!

Two new (of the ever popular) charms are now available in the Yipori shop!
The new arrivals are a sweet Schromie and a cute yeti, why not pick one up today?

Also this month everyone gets a FREE badge with every order at the shop (Just for being awesome!)

5 Responses to “New Charms!”

StiligeCecilie said...

Will there be apparel in the shop? :O I'd love a Yipori t-shirt!

Yipori said...

Thanks! Definitely something I want/need/would love to do! I'm sure there will be some one day.

Harto said...

Can I ask a cheeky question? How do you go about getting these made?
Keep it up :)

Yipori said...

No Problem, I have emailed you some details.