Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Water Coast

Smoole and the Pip fish investigate a rather pointy creature floating around the sea. Don't get too close guys! This is available as a wallpaper you can get here right now, go go go!

Water Coast

Ah it's ok, he looks pretty harmless, just don't pull on it's tail when he's not looking, no matter how much you want to... I'm looking at you, you cheaky little Pip fish.

Water Coast (Close up)

This little one looks like hes just had a filling lunch. I wonder what it was...

Water Coast (Close up)

2 Responses to “Water Coast”

komal said...

so much cuteness your thoughts and world. i always love the characted and colors and softness of your illustrations.

Very best of luck for your life & career.


Yipori said...

Why thank you very much for your super kind comment!